There is no other company with the capabilities and expertise that Demil Metals, Inc. puts to use every day.

From acquiring demilitarized ordnance, to converting it to safe, usable scrap, to handling the interface between government and industry, Demil Metals, Inc. is as unique as our product.

We take excess, obsolete, strategic and tactical munitions and convert them into raw, reusable scrap. We do it safely and efficiently. We adhere closely to all OSHA and EPA regulations.

U.S. Department of Defense Requirements:
  • Recycling of demilitarized ordnance within the continental U.S.
  • Detailed demilitarization plans for its excess and obsolete ordnance
  • Documented "Chain of Custody" to track and account for all materials
  • Handling all materials within EPA and OSHA rules and regulations
  • On-site inspections of the recycling processes to ensure compliance with the demilitarization plan
  • Certification by "End-Use Certificate" that destroyed and recycled materials can no longer be used as ordnance
Metal Industry Requirements:
  • Non-hazardous, explosive-free, raw material feed stock
  • Homogeneous raw-material feed stock consistent with acceptable internal chemistry/size/shape requirements
  • Inspection and understanding the demilitarization process that renders the ordnance into non-hazardous condition
  • Uninterrupted service to maintain supply reliability
We understand the requirements of industry and government entities. Demil Metals facilitates this understanding for all involved parties.

  • Logistics: Planning, implementation, and execution of moving raw materials from point-of-origin to destination (loading, packing, shipping and uploading). Expertise with suitable modes of transportation for dangerous or decommissioned materials.
  • Scrap Ordnance Processing: Safe, proven procedures for preparing and demilitarizing scrap in accordance with mil-spec requirements.
  • Scrap Ordnance Metal Marketing: Selling ordnance scrap to the commercial market by educating buyers on the safety and productivity of demilitarized metals, promoting education, site visits, seminars, and commercial industry presentations.
  • Safety Concerns: Years of expertise in addressing the safety concerns associated with demilitarized ordnance and eliminating the risk of explosion or incident.
  • Documented Chain-of-Custody: Shipping direct to processing or smelting facilities in the United States.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Complete, traceable documentation of recycled ordnance scrap, from the demilitarization certificate, through the bill of lading, mill heat number, end-use certificate, and certificate of destruction.