Demil Metals, Inc. is a veteran-founded family owned business whose principals, Michael Schaffer and Michael Nanberg, have a combined 25 years of marketing experience in the scrap metal industry. Demil Metals was established in 2005 specifically to address the needs of demilitarized munitions scrap metal programs. We specialize in bridging the gap between military and commercial requirements for the recycling of 3X demilitarized munitions scrap.

Demil Metals provides single-source, documented chain-of-custody for recycling demilitarized scrap metal. We handle the entire recycling process from acquisition and demilitarization through final smelting. We even handle the issuance of a certificate of destruction. Demil Metals integrates, assembles, and manages teams of subcontractors who specialize in the demilitarization of weapons and weapon systems.

Current Contracts & Activities
Demil Metals is currently the scrap metal management subcontractor to both McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP) and Gradient Technology, under the Joint Munitions Command (JMC) – Rock Island for the second Five-Year Conventional Ordnance Demilitarization contract. This contract includes recycling metals from M117A3 750 lb. GP bomb skins, as well as U.S. Navy projectiles ranging in size up to the 8-in/55 caliber AP rounds. Previously, Demil Metals, Inc. served as the scrap metal management subcontractor to both teams under the 1st IDIQ Contract.

Demils Metals also works with Gradient Technology for the recycling of 3X-condition munitions scrap generated from the demilitarization of “Yellow D”-loaded (Explosive D) projectiles, ordnance shapes, DMM (discarded military munitions), and range scrap. These munitions are demilitarized using high-pressure water jets, similar to those used in the cleanup of the former Naval Surface Warfare Center (NWSC) – White Oak facility.

Past Industry Experience
Demil Metals, Inc. has performed on contracts to recycle 3X demilitarized munitions scrap generated by the following installations:
  1. McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP)
  2. Hawthorne Army Ammunition Plant (HWAAP)
  3. Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA)
  4. Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) - Crane
With this experience, we are the industry leader in demilitarized scrap metal. Contact us for more information.